In general, there are six basic types of bed and breakfast accommodation.

A traditional bed and breakfast home stay is where you stay in a spare room of your host’s residence and are personally served breakfast by them. These types of bed and breakfasts are planned accommodations or converted from a large family home. The B&B establishment does not contain restaurant facilities, but may provide food service for transient, overnight guests only. Home stays can be found in cities, small towns and close to tourist attractions.

Bed and breakfast farm stay is most likely to be a relaxation farm with some farm leisure attractions. It may be a substantial working farm with a wide range of farm activity experiences. Such activities might include horseback or pony rides, hunting and fishing, bird watching, farm education and nature trails. These farm stays may also conduct tours of nearby tourist attractions involving farm activities. At some farm stays, anyone wishing to try their hand at farm chores can (and a helping hand is usually welcome). There could be pigs, chickens and horses to feed, cows or goats to milk, cheese to make, organic gardens to tend, jelly to prepare, fruit trees, honey bees, olives and chestnuts to harvest. Bed and breakfast farm stays may be located in rural areas or outback environment.

Bed and Breakfast Inns are B&B where the owners may or may not live in separate housing from the guests. Inns can be expected to have more available rooms than the bed and breakfast home stay. The B&B Inn does not contain restaurant facilities, but may provide food service for transient, overnight guests. Most of these bed and breakfasts are more likely to have a formal guest dining room and are more apt to serve other meals in addition to breakfast. They may be located anywhere.

Bed and breakfast cottage stay is more likely to be a cabin that either may be on the property of the host or separately installed. Preparation of breakfast may be left to the guest or the host may provide breakfast through some arrangement.

Bed and breakfast apartment stay is normally an accessory to the property of the host rather than on separate grounds with entry to the accommodation private for both host and guests.

Unique theme bed and breakfasts are also available. Some specifically promote romance and even weddings.

Another example is the Murder Mystery weekend at a B&B. If you’re a connoisseur of murder mysteries, then a murder mystery weekend at a charming bed and breakfast should satisfy your taste for intrigue. From Sherlock Holmes to Murder on the Orient Express, costumed sleuths will have the opportunity to solve even the most baffling of cases. Stay at a bed and breakfast, solve the mystery, discover the murderer and have a great time. These weekends book up quickly so advance reservations are a necessity.