In this modern and developed era there is a lot of competition between different hotels to let their visitor experience something different from others. No matter whatever they bring diverse from others there are few basic things without which a hotel is complete. Click here

  1. Safety:

Hotels are homes away from home. From 5 stars to 3 star visitors always consider safety of themselves as priority need. Many hotels are providing special security and take extra safety of women, children, and elderly person. Technology is playing wide role in this but still may people prefer human touch.

  1. Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is the basic and most important thing which a visitor will notice and require. Hotels must need to maintain high standards of cleanliness of lounges, public common areas, bedrooms, washrooms, balconies etc. Recycling of things also give a feel of hygiene.

  1. Internet:

All types of guest must need internet. They consider this facility as important as air to breath. For upper star hotels, where businessman prefers to stay defiantly looks for higher broadband and flexible connectivity. Some hotels offer free Wi-Fi, while others have passwords to serve only their visitors.

  1. Food:

Tasty food defiantly holds visitors heart on the hotel. Most of the 7 stars ad 5 stars have variety of restaurants inside them including, Pakistani, Chinese, Arabian cuisines etc. Most of the visitors prefer the food provided within the hotel due to cleanliness and budget which hotel offer. Many budget hotels offer free breakfast to their customers, which is mostly the attraction budget visitor looking for.

  1. Aroma:

Entering a hotel itself or a room, first thing which feels is the smell coming out of the place. Nice smell attracts the minds, no matter how clean or decorative the rooms is, if it is stinking or stale smell from carpets or furniture it will turn visitor off. Most of the hotels adopt cultural ways of fragrances such as Bakhor is an Arabian tradition of good aroma. In modern ways hotels uses air fresheners etc.

  1. Customer Service:

Most of the hotels have rule to answer the call in three rings, and deliver the appropriate information. Some of the three star hotels have very poor customer service, in most of the cases they themselves are not up to date with information and the call keeps diverting from one agent to another, which really gives a bad impact of the hotel and upsets their visitors. Customer service must be appealing and should be well enough to satisfy the caller with proper information.

  1. Check in/ Checkout:

Front desk must be very clear during Check-in and Check-out services. In this matter hotels needs to be very focused and obvious to their visitors, because these are the time when they need particular assistance. Visitors must be cleared with, where to go and what to do, information once they enter. Either its by technology or via agent, guest must be instantly directed with check-in and check-out and all final settlements.